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ADHD is now recognized as a relatively common disorder of children and adults, affecting 5-8% of children and 3-5% of the adult population. It accounts for an increasing number of referrals to mental health and family practices worldwide. Left untreated, the disorder has a pervasive impact on most major domains of daily life activities, including educational, occupational, and social functioning and health-related behavior.

It is therefore imperative that mental health, medical, and educational professionals have as much up-to-date knowledge of this disorder and its treatment as possible. And it is also essential that parents of children with ADHD and adults with ADHD have the latest information on the disorder and its management. For a brief description of ADHD, please read the ADHD Fact Sheet provided free of charge on this website. For a more thorough history of ADHD, visit Dr. Barkley’s own website (under Sample Chapters to Read).

This website is dedicated to providing the general public as well as mental health, medical, and educational professionals with numerous science-based lectures on ADHD. There are more than 40 hours of lecture material here. These lectures contain current, accurate information on ADHD and related topics. All of these lectures have been created by the internationally recognized authority on ADHD, Russell A. Barkley, Ph.D. Dr. Barkley reviews all relevant scientific journals monthly for the latest scientific studies. He then incorporates the relevant findings into his lectures. Here you will find numerous PowerPoint-based presentations that you can view while listening to Dr. Barkley’s narrative of the lecture. There are:

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