Presentations for Parents


1 - Lecture for Parents I - What is ADHD?
This introductory lecture for parents explains the primary symptoms of ADHD as well as the diagnostic criteria used by professionals to render a diagnosis of the disorder. It also explains the core difficulties children and teens with ADHD have in their executive functioning, which is the basis for self-control. Dr. Barkley also discusses the risks associated with ADHD if it is left untreated, including those in the social, educational, developmental, and medical domains.
Approximate Running Time: 1 hour, 00 minutes


2 - Lecture for Parents II - What Causes ADHD?
In this introductory lecture for parents, Dr. Barkley discusses the many causes of ADHD, including neurological problems, heredity and genetics. He also reviews some of the causes of ADHD that have been disproven or for which there simply is no evidence. He concludes with information on the role of the family and larger social environment in ADHD.
Approximate Running Time: 1 hour, 00 minutes


3 - Lecture for Parents III: The Treatments for Child and Adolescent ADHD Disorder
In this second introductory lecture for parents, Dr. Barkley reviews the major types of treatment used in the management of ADHD that have a substantial scientific basis. These include parent education and counseling, parent training in child behavior management, medications, and school behavior management and accommodations. He also briefly discusses the unproven and disproven remedies that have been proposed for use with child and adolescents with ADHD.
Approximate Running Time: 1 hour, 20 minutes


4 - Lecture for Parents IV - School Management of Children with ADHD
In this presentation Dr. Barkley focuses on school-based interventions for children and teens with ADHD. It is rich in detail offering more than 80 recommendations for school management strategies to deal with ADHD children and adolescents.
Approximate Running Time: 1 hour, 50 minutes


5 - Lecture for Parents V - The 12 Best Principles for Managing a Child or Teen With ADHD
This presentation assumes that you have already viewed Lecture I above on the nature of ADHD. Here Dr. Barkley discusses those principles he has learned to be the most effective for managing a child with ADHD. This presentation is based on his more than 34 years of clinical work and research with children and adolescents with ADHD and provides 12 key ideas for successfully raising a child or teen with ADHD.
Approximate Running Time: 1 hour, 30 minutes



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